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Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Bloomington Meadows Hospital prides itself on its experienced and dedicated leadership team, including:

Christopher R Dowers Chief Executive Officer

Christopher R Dowers
Chief Executive Officer

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Penny Caswell, Bloomington Meadows Hospital Chief Nursing Officer

Penny Caswell
Chief Nursing Officer

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Becky Nyberg, Bloomington Meadows Hospital Interim CEO/Chief Financial Officer

Becky Nyberg
Chief Financial Officer

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Chris McNeely, Bloomington Meadows Hospital Director of Business Development

Chris McNeely
Director of Business Development

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Provider Team

Benjamin Cooley, MD

Michael Francis, MD

Perry Griffith, MD

Charles Jin, MD

Faisal Khan, MD

Hillary Davis, MD

Bruce Riddle, MD

Jendayi Olabisi, MD

Hui Shi Serena Loh, NP

Kevin Moore, NP

Ronda Bray, NP

Michelle Mercier, NP

Vickie VanDeventer, NP

Nicole Hoyt, NP